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What do you like best about being a professional musician? 
My favorite thing about being a professional musician is having the opportunity to meet and play for some great people.  Performing for so many different event types, as well, allows me to play a variety of musical styles.  Everyone's event is unique, so I look forward to playing at each and every one.



What do you enjoy most about playing for weddings? 
The best part of playing for weddings is being a part of the emotion and ambiance of the ceremony.  Music sets the tone for everything.  It evokes joy and excitement, tears of happiness, memories of loved ones, the solemnity of the occasion, and the absolute fun of the day.  Imagine watching a tv show or a movie without the soundtrack.  That soundtrack truly makes the film and I feel that it is what music does for a wedding ceremony.


Do you play with other groups as well as weddings?
Yes, I play a variety of styles with many groups! One of my favorites is the Celtic-Folk style of Bill Leslie.  I am honored to be a member of Bill Leslie & Lorica!  If you haven't heard Bill's music, check it out here!  I love to play symphony music and have played with the Long Bay Symphony in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina for over 15 years.  I have also played holiday pops and Summerfest concerts with the NC Symphony, musical theatre, opera, and my church orchestra.  I love having the opportunity to play such a variety of styles, and honestly, if something comes along, I'll go for it!

Tell us about your top most memorable performances.
Playing with the Transiberian Orchestra is definitely at the top of my list of most memorable performances! Coming in at a close second would be the summer I spent in Disney World with the 1992 All-American College Orchestra performing with fantastic young musicians from around the country and with guests artists Della Reese, Rita Moreno, Dave Brubeck, Rosemary Clooney and Ed Shaughnessy.  For third place in my 'Most Memorable Performances', I'd say it's a tie between playing in orchestras for Moody Blues, Clay Aiken, Lauren Kennedy, and Pavarotti (I know Pavarotti doesn't really fit with the rest, but what an amazing experience!).  I love variety!  



How did you decide to become a musician? 

Growing up hearing violin on the radio, I just loved it and always knew I wanted to be a professional musician.  I received a M.M. in Violin Performance and Music History from Bowling Green State University in Ohio, and I received a B.M. in Music Theory from the University of South Carolina.

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